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  1. Hey everyone 🙂 is anyone else attending the University of Central Florida in the fall for their PhD in Criminal Justice ? I’m just trying to network a little and see who else is attending the program.
  2. Thank you! Congratulations to you as well and good luck on everything ☺️
  3. Well I didn’t get accepted into UCI but that’s okay. I will be attending UCF in the fall. Congratulations to everyone
  4. Has anyone had an interview with this program? Or heard anything back besides that the official letters will be coming out at the end of March-early April.
  5. I don’t know much about the schools you applied to, however, I do know that USF is great !
  6. I just heard back from South Florida- I did not get in but that’s okay because I know why. I’m still waiting to hear back from UCI and Howard. Given that official decisions are supposed to come at the end of March-early April for Irvine I’m not hopeful because I would assume interviews have already occurred. How is everyone else’s journey coming along ?
  7. This is a good forum. It can be discouraging to not be accepted into certain programs especially if it was on the top of your list. But it definitely doesn’t define you and it’s not the end of your academic journey or dreams. If you don’t mind me asking which schools have you applied to? And are you still pursuing programs ?
  8. Yes that is nerve racking. Are there specific deadlines you have to accept by?
  9. Has anyone run into the dilemma of getting accepted into schools and still waiting to hear back from others but getting anxious that you might not hear back from other schools in enough time to make an adequate decision?
  10. I just heard back from the University of Central Florida, and was accepted with funding.
  11. So far I’ve been rejected from the university of South Carolina. My dream school is the University of California, Irvine. I’m still waiting back to hear from them and the other schools. Congratulations on everyone’s acceptances!
  12. I’ve been anxiously looking for a thread with updates such as acceptance, declined, or received an interview from criminology and criminal justice programs. I applied to UC Irvine, University of South Carolina, University of Central Florida, and Howard. So far I’ve gotten an interview with the University of Central Florida.
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