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  1. I have not. I was just pulling up this page to post about this lol. I assume they are sending out rejections in waves? Not sure what's going on here. Portal also not updated.
  2. Hi does anyone know if Johns Hopkins is done sending out acceptences?
  3. Hi there! Would you mind sharing the initials of your POI? Thanks!! I'm in the same boat here lol
  4. Could not agree more! Just tell me what I know already lol. I've heard of some schools never formally notifying the rejected... Personally think that letting everyone know their decision and that their apps were taken seriously is a sign of respect.
  5. Wish I could save this somewhere. I absolutely resonate with your words! It's beyond heartwarming to be hearing things like this during such a hard time. I have yet to hear good news from any school to be quite honest here... but I've been telling myself that it is way too early to give up. I constantly ask myself why I embarked on this journey and knowing the answer by heart and truly believing in this purpose help me looking forward. Thanks again for sharing such kind words!!
  6. Don't be discouraged! As everyone has been saying, this cycle is EXTRA tough and getting in somewhere already says a LOT about your abilities!
  7. Has anyone heard from Cornell? I saw some posts about the developmental sociology but that seems to be a completely different program. Would appreciate if anyone has any information on their timeline from the past years!
  8. It definitely doesn’t matter to have one or not. Fit is probably the #1 factor here. Plus, applying straight from undergrad definitely means a different set of expectations. It doesn’t harm to have a master’s but you should never be worried for not having one!
  9. thanks for sharing! hope the rest of your apps go well too!
  10. congrats! were you interviewed?
  11. can anyone confirm the duke acceptance? thanks!
  12. Ok looks like it's another implicit rejection for me... genuinely hoping that schools can consider sending out acceptances and rejections on the same day so that I can be done with the wait sooner lol
  13. Thank you!! Hope the rest of your applications go well too! If you don't mind, how many have you heard from so far?
  14. Same here. Wondering if I'm the only person here with absolutely no acceptance yet...
  15. I believe so (at least most interviews should be done by now). Judging by past posts, decisions were usually made ~2 weeks afterwards. Also seemed like the interview invites this year were not all sent out on the same day so the process might be slightly different.
  16. Agreed! I’m just hoping for something now... Here’s to another week and hang in there, everyone!
  17. Does anyone know if UCLA is done sending out acceptances? Seems like they have extended offers in several waves so far.
  18. At this point I’m seriously anticipating rejection...
  19. Seems like last year acceptances and rejections were sent out on the same day. On that note I'm ready for my rejection...
  20. Agreed. Honestly I'd hate to be skeptical of any posts since I doubt anyone's really got the time to freak people out at this point. But who knows?
  21. same... I did not know they'd release decisions this early either.
  22. Let's all stay hopeful! Next week definitely feels like a big one on decisions. Whenever in doubt, take a deep breath and smile!
  23. This is exactly me!! Every post on the results page makes me wonder if I have something waiting in my inbox/ portal... BTW Happy Friday everyone!
  24. Also, has anyone heard back from Duke?
  25. Hi y'all after checking the results page for days nonstop, I gave in and signed up just now... Got my first rejection some days ago and wasn't sure what to make of it. To all those accepted, big congrats!! To those of us still waiting in the dark, I'm sure we will hear good news soon!
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