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  1. Oh if you look at the WRI I think FES will also take you very far (the former dean of FES was one of the founders I believe and he is still very dedicated to both). I guess in the end all of the schools seem to have good programs, I was especially insecure about choosing a "forestry" degree over SAIS' reputation, after talking to a lot of Washington based people. Thanks everybody for your comments, I have made my decision, but please feel free to discuss further. greendiplomat and carpecc, do you get to take a lot of classes at the Earth Institute?
  2. Thanksa lot for the comment. I am mostly interested in the promotion of renewables and in sustainable water management, so oil companies and Wall Street don't really appeal to me either. But your impression just reassured a feeling that I already had about SAIS
  3. Anyone else with another opinions on SAIS vs. Fletcher vs. Yale FES & IDE for environmental & energy policy and economics ?
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer, this was actually really helpful greendiplomat! Which topic/field are you interested in, within Energy and Environment? Any other opinions on the topic?
  5. I am looking for advice: I want to focus on environmental and energy policy and chose rather quant heavy curriculum (econ & econometrics classes). Careerwise I am interested in working for development banks or in policy-making. Financially my 5 offers do not differ a lot: I got accepted at SAIS, Fletcher (MALD), LSE (1 year program for Env Policy and Regulation), MPA at SIPA (2 year) and the double degree at Yale Forestry and IDE. I know it's a good position to be in, but I am still kind of lost: At the moment I tend towards Yale because it seems to have everything - many relevant cl
  6. Congrats to you all. Has any international student received funding info yet?
  7. Has any of you looked into the environmental programs at LSE? they offer three one year MSc in environmental policy, environment and development and environmental economics and climate change. Has anybody heard of them in terms of academic quality and/or career prospects?
  8. Program Applied To MPA, MPP, IR, MEM (Focus on environmental economics with an interest in development) Schools Applied To: Fletcher, SAIS, Yale FES, SIPA, HKS, WWS, Science-Po, Goteborg Univ Schools Admitted To: Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Undergraduate institution: Well regarded European research university Undergraduate GPA: ~ 3.5-6ish (in US-terms) Undergraduate Major: Environmental Science GRE Quantitative Score: 800 GRE Verbal Score: 430 (TOEFL is quite good and I hope the GRE verbal won't diminish all my chances) GRE AW Score: 4.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if
  9. Contact the staff, they are usually very helpful. I think with the myrriads of degrees offered your question is highly plausible. Also taking a look at their complete viewbook (for all degrees) might help
  10. I assume you're a French or EU citizen, correct? If you want to look for similar opportunities (to the WB) in financial development cooperation check out the European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Council of Europe Development Bank. Each of them work in development, some more focused on Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but at least as far as I know the EIB is also present in other parts of the world. They certainly offer entry positions which might be comparable to the JPA. Didn't do any research into those program but I know of some of the work they
  11. Thanks everybody. I guess I will call some admission offices, see what they say and then look into taking the GRE again. The potential return for investing more time for the verbal section seems just really low (for me). Global Sun, thanks for the advice, Berkeley seems to be a good option for me.
  12. Hey forum, I am an international student who is planning to apply to MPAs and various other degrees (with a focus on energie, environment and economics) this year. Since I probably want to work back in Europe (or internationally) the name of the school and its international alumni network are quite a factor for me. The schools I am mostly interested are SIPA, HKS and Yale FES (with a dual degree). I am not sure how important the GRE is and would like to hear opinions if you think I should retake it. I did well in the quantitative section (800) but didn't have time to exstensively prepar
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