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  1. Hi, I am applying to SIPA this year - would you be willing to guide me on my essays? I read that you were accepted at SIPA.

  2. apsuwa congratulations! so whats the final decision ?
  3. they said that they will start the process in the next two weeks. The internet portal is the Johns Hopkins university Login id we will receive where we can register for classes and check for housing advertisements etc.
  4. I called the admissions office today, to ask questions about the visa procedures for internationals. I also asked about the group and access to the internet portal and she said we would know in the next two weeks and as far as she is aware - admissions doesn't really form a SAIS group on facebook or something . So i guess the present group is the only way till we get our IDs or something.
  5. I was hoping there is a group somewhere face book - or somewhere else for everyone starting this year ! Georgetown has one n i was hoping we could get one would be easier to communicate etc about housing, concentrations and pre term and of course getting to know everyone who will be attending!
  6. Hi, I was just curious to how many of you guys are registering for the Hopkins preterm. I am considering a Math for Economics preterm and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about its usefulness. Was also looking forward to meet some people who have finally chosen SAIS.
  7. I declined my offers for M.A in International Affairs as well ! Goodluck !
  8. Hi Sarah , have you decided yet ? I am almost sure I am taking up Hopkins and the maths pre-term . Does anyone know anything about the best housing options for Hopkins ? I am mainly looking for Group housing maximum is 700-800 dollars - is that too less ?
  9. hey sure! heres a link i found ! n thanks for the comments were very helpful !
  10. Also i like that SAIS has a South Asia concentration which is very valid for me and their strong focus on International Economics ,They have the right balance of international economics and international development specific to my region of interest.
  11. Hi from my point of view and of course its just an opinion, speaking to studnets in schools in dc, the focus of georgetown is very US policy oriented, and by public sector jobs i meant working for the us government , its not exactly easy or might be impossible for a non us citizen to work for the US government. The World Bank and the UN are different, I dd not mean that. Also the middle east focus seemed to come from the fact a majority of the international students i saw on the facebook page they made for admits seemed to be from the middle east ( very minor point) and their largest bracke
  12. Hi, I was considering the same thing, for me SIPA is also a choice but when it comes down to SAIS and SFS, I feel that SAIS has more internationals. True SFS does have internationals but they inlude American borns in this sector. So when it comes to stuff like public sector jobs , internationals are automatically at a disadvantage. Also, being from India , though I am interested in the Middle East , I dont what to go to a school whose policy is very Middle East dominated. That is just what i feel. I am leaning a lot more towards SAIS right now where my concentrations would be internat
  13. Hi ! As for Indians, i do not know many who got into Hopkins and came back to India, cos frankly in IR job opportunities rae leser in India, majority are in non profit and the UN offices are all in Delhi. Everyone i do know works for either the World Bank or the UN in the US keeping that in your mind, i think it is safe to think of a compensation of around 50,000 though it nmay vary accoridng to your experience and job preference . in the private sector you can look for consultancy jobs specializing in south Asia. Though im not aware of the exact compensation you could expect, website of
  14. Hi Fong Sai YUK, I am surpised that as an international you heard about the Bologna Campus so soon, i thought we were not allowed to put that option with the DC Campus and had to apply separately to Bologna . Their results are not till April right ?
  15. Previous Schools: Jai Hind College, Mumbai University Previous Degrees and GPA's: Bachelor in Economics (Hons), 67 % First Class ( Only 3 year degree) GPA Conversion- 3.7 GRE Scores (Verbal/Quantitative/Analytical Writing): 760,760,3.5 (Had nightmares about the AWA score getting me rejections - but i guess it didn't matter in the end) Previous Work Experience: 3 Years in Rotaract, 3 years in AIESEC, An internship in Poland teaching Culture Sensitivity, Anti Racism. 6 months working in Hungary - market research and teaching Business English. 5 months interns ship at The European Union Chamber
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