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  1. I got my official confirmation of the deposit received by the Elliott school. Is there any facebook group? Do PM me to get in touch.
  2. How many bed room houses are these? Any different from what I said?
  3. I am looking at a budget of 600 USD. Possible with roomies? A 2 bed room house worth 2400 USD - shared among 4? Going to GWU.
  4. When you are paying so much money, can you really afford the luxury of saying " I want a student life and enjoy the last 2 years as as student!" ?
  5. Work hard. Utilize the networking oppurtunities that DC presents to you. I think you can land an excellent job, following solid internships. If you are willing to put that effort, I think it's worth the debt in IR.
  6. I realize I have to answer this question for myself. However, would love to get some thoughts on if it is worth it to be pay through my nose for Masters in International Affairs at GWU. Did not get any funding.
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