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  1. Congratulations to everyone that has been admitted! I hope I get to meet many of you next year in Geneva!
  2. No, unless you want to pay $40+ per person. Hope that answers your question!
  3. The US schools are nigh impossible to get into. You're competing with the entire school for very few spots and the vast majority of students are looking to spend their exchange semester in the States. In fact, MDev students often opt for our partner schools in developing countries (i.e., India, Indonesia, among others) to do field-work in preparation for their thesis.
  4. Hey all, I think you're all asking questions that are, frankly, above my pay-grade. However, with regard to working part-time, I know plenty of students that manage jobs and school just fine and if they can do it so can you. In fact I myself am looking to get a part-time job in Geneva but non-EU citizens have to wait 6 months before they are legally able to start working in CH, which wouldn't apply to you.
  5. I am currently in the MIA program, and would be happy to answer questions---but after finals this week! As you might have noticed, I'm procrastinating on gradcafe. Good luck with your applications, so far I'm quite pleased with IHEID.
  6. You might have already seen this, but just in case, check out this thread:
  7. Besides the continental heavyweights e.g., IHEID in Geneva and Sciences Po in Paris, I might add the Hertie School in Berlin (fairly new but already established and reputable institution), the College of Europe/Coll├Ęge d'Europe in Bruges (this being almost exclusively EU-focused), and on a slightly lower tier (but by no means "bad") the Central European University in Budapest. Also, while I can't speak to its reputation or quality, I met quite a few very impressive young Italians working abroad who attended LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. They have programs in English and while the people I met are of course biased being graduates of the school themselves, they all nevertheless seemed to agree that it was one of, if not the best, school of IR in the whole of Italy.
  8. I'm biased, but if you have the relevant profile/grades/etc. I'd recommend that you take out Zurich (which is much more of an engineering/applied sciences-y school, anyway) and replace it with the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Especially if you're after a career in the NGO/UN/etc. world. Besides the usual suspects in the UK (UCL/LSE/Kings), some other schools you should look at are Sciences Po Paris and the Hertie School in Berlin. There are a million about this, just do some searches.
  9. Plus tuition is 36,400+ CHF. Seems pretty steep for that kind of school IMO.
  10. I'm a self-described college/grad school addict, having done extensive research on schools around the world. I have never heard of IUG. Not that I'm anyone important, but it's just 2 cents coming from someone who is going to IHEID and consequently had done a lot of research about schools in Europe and Geneva specifically. Yes, the Graduate Institute is competitive, but it's worth a shot if you have stellar work experience/language skills/etc. Go for it---you never know.
  11. Sorry to hear that, everyone.
  12. I'm guessing this was directed at me, which I suppose intellectually speaking is fair enough. Refer to my "context" bit earlier. But furthermore, I just find it impossibly arrogant on Sciences Po's part to assume that I, despite holding offers from other, equally reputable schools that I needed to accept/refuse by mid-April, was doing nothing but anxiously awaiting the result of their scholarship (and I didn't appreciate their stringing me along). Frankly, Sciences Po had been my dream school for years but my attendance was 100% reliant on that scholarship, so I couldn't afford to take the huge gamble of accepting their offer and hopelessly waiting to see if I can afford to go to graduate school. Again, this was an entirely personal decision.
  13. Keep the validation coming.
  14. Disclaimer: I am from the west coast of the US, and am attending a university next year with fairly limited name recognition. So I'm not getting on my high horse. That said, I like to think that in my life I have researched colleges and universities to an exhaustive, perhaps even unhealthy extent. My research into graduate MPA/IR/etc. programs was no different. I also participated in an academic youth camp based in Poughkeepsie, NY several summers ago. And despite all that, I've never heard of Marist. I'd be surprised if an employer outside of Dutchess County has heard of the school, let alone had an opinion of its MPA program. Furthermore the mere mention in your post of a possibility of non-accreditation raises some major red flags. But what do I know?
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