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  1. The website says decisions are typically emailed in late-March. So we still need to have hope! Good luck to you
  2. Thanks for sharing and congratulations !
  3. Thanks for the answer! Yes, I saw MA acceptances from the results. I am just wondering if they are still reviewing and will contact students for the interview next week...
  4. Did you have an interview? When did they contact you to schedule the interview? If I didnt have an interview, does that mean I am rejected? T-T
  5. PhD program or MA program? Thanks you!
  6. I am not sure if I need to contact the admission office and ask about it...
  7. I am so nervous..This round of admission is so tough...!
  8. Hi, I am waiting for UC Berkeley PhD in Ed.
  9. Thank you, LilyKitty! Yes, I guess we have to wait a bit more. I will also post if I get anything new Hopefully this week T-T !!
  10. I checked but nothong in my mail box yet...:( Thanks anyway!
  11. Thanks for making this place! I applied for International Education (PhD).
  12. Thanks for the info and congratulations !!! 😊
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