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  1. That's quite early than I expected... I've heard that RISD GD usually gives interview invitation between late Feb and early March. Well, that can be different case by case. Thank you for useful information! FInger crossed.
  2. Hello, did you get an interview from RISD GD? If you did, when?
  3. Just waiting for any updates about RISD Graphic Design... 😕
  4. Thanks! I also did not get any response from RISD... I know that RISD GD choose their students very selective and some students are accepted without interviews but such situations make me so nervous 😂 Anyway.. Finger crossed!
  5. Hello, did you get any response from RISD? I also applied to Graphic Design program.
  6. Thanks a lot. Finger crossed for all of us!
  7. Hello, thank you for giving useful information. Is that final decision, and is it go for every applicant even who did not invited for interviews? I am afraid because I did not get any replies from RISD and also have not found anyone received an interview from the department that I applied. Usually, so far as I know, no interview means rejection... I am getting nervous day by day... 😕
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