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  1. NYU sends the last official notification of rejection to me today, which marks the end of my 0 acceptance cycle. Though some people are questionning about spam and troll info, I think all the result posts related to the programs I applied were accurate. They indeed sent rejections a few weeks after the offers. So I still want to appreciate GradCafe and this thread for the information, which prepared me step by step to a no-acceptance-at-all result. I do hope those similar to me but dedicated to reapplying this year DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I feel comforted from many of the encouraging posts I read he
  2. Good luck to all whose still waiting!
  3. My application cycle is almost over now. All rejections but one waitlist...was not prepared for this but it is what it is...Wonder how many people are also waitlisted by UChicago? Honestly I do not have any hope for that now. Need to spend a few days to clear my mind, accept the resutls, and start job hunting now.
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