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  1. I think in my SOP I will just simply say it is part of a progression in working in my field and learning the ropes. There is nothing like gaining experience in the blind peer review process. I will admit I have much to learn otherwise there is no point in going for a PhD. I think I just need to explain this the correct way. I can honestly say no one in my masters cohort is even thinking about publishing and the process has been vary rewarding.
  2. I understand what you are saying. I guess I was looking for something to make me stand out. I will be honest, I don't think my work is going to get into the APSA anytime soon lol. My logic was building blocks, start small and as I get trained with top notch faculty, I would do much better. I guess that is what I will lay out in my SOP.
  3. I think it will help but it won't be your entry path to your desired school. What are you grades? GRE Scores?
  4. Good to know. I am 30 and just finishing my BA (took time off as I went into a career I now hate) . Next Sept I start my masters which I should finish in a year. I am trying to do what I can to give my application to PhD programs as much quality writing as possible. I figure pubs would be a great way to enhance my application. I realize of course I need as close to a 4.0 as possible...good SOP...and good LOA's. I figure anything I can do will help.
  5. Any idea on what percentage of people applying to a PhD are published?
  6. Hi All, Well I have some good news. Looks like some of my work is going to get published. While I want to keep my anonymous status, I don't want to reveal my name or where. My question is, when applying for PhD's, do you think admittance committee's will look down upon you if you aren't in the top journals? Or would they just be happy to see you published? I have a subfield I love very much and I was lucky enough to get it published in a lower tier journal who took it. Just curious. Thanks.
  7. You should apply to anywhere you want. Not like I am an authority in anything but you have much better specs than me and I am applying to top 50 schools. Where do you want to apply? What do you want to study?
  8. Well, Depends on the following...Grades....GRE Score...LOR...SOP....where you went is important but not the sole factor. Give us more info.
  9. op here, My main reason for going to the same school is financial. The masters program at my school is not expensive. I have a good job right now that I have to work in order to support my family. The program gives me sometime to really prepare for my PhD. I know I can handle the work load, its just I want to make sure 10000000000% this is what I want before I leave a job that I won't be able to get back, sell my house, uproot my wife etc. Also, I left school for 5 years and came back to finish my undergrad in history and poli sci. My grades are good (3.6) but not enough to get into a top school for IR. I figure, use the masters to get some really good research credentials and work hard on my quantitative skills. My school has a lot of research opportunity for its masters students as we have no PhD program so the faculty is dedicated to helping its students. I am not even in the masters program and they are letting me take 2 masters level classes and work on a research project! Its a plan...its not perfect...but its better then sitting for 1.5 years and doing nothing. Also, I maybe able to get an assistanship and cut the price in half down to about 5,000 and get a small stipend.
  10. Hello All, Yes.... I am starting another thread but hey...this is all how we find out information. I am more then likely because of financial and work reasons not be able to relocate for school. Yes it stinks, but its better then not going to school. I am finishing my bachelors in poli sci and history (double major)going to more then likely go to the same school for my masters. I have been told this is looked down upon for the fact that you are not getting training from different scholars and is not a good thing. Sadly, I don't have a choice. I am going to a large state university in the northeast which is not ranked. The good thing about it, I can take masters classes this and next semester and finish the masters in a year. The department faculty are great and are working with me in publishing with them and doing a TON of research. Some have told me to just wait until I can go for a PhD and not even bother. One reason I am doing it is that I had to start and stop school many times but kept a good GPA (3.6). Any thoughts?
  11. Well.... Not like I anyone you should listen to but.....it depends on where you went to school for your masters for one. If you had a high GPA like 3.8 or better and the school is somewhat known i would not. Your scores but you in the running at a top ten anywhere so i would not retake. If you have a GPA below 3.7 I would think of retaking. Where are you aiming?
  12. With your stats...i think you should apply to all the school you can afford and dream of. Have very strong LOA and SOP and i think you would get into at least 35% of the schools you apply too.
  13. I honestly would die for your numbers. If you have good LOA and a good SOP...your are a good candidate anywhere. I would apply to harvard with you stats no doubt
  14. Most definitely qualitative. I am not sure what aspect exactly. I know this is vague so i apologize in advance.
  15. Hello, What schools would you recommend?
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