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  1. Has anyone reached out to UW asking about the status of their application? I've contacted the program officer several times over the past two weeks and haven't got anything back, not even an acknowledgement.
  2. Thanks! Will do! Is it usual to get a deadline extension in this situation?
  3. HI everyone! I've been accepted to the Carleton MPPA and have a deadline to accept by March 19th. I've also applied to the UW MPS but haven't heard back from them. These are my top 2 choices, and I don't want to make a final decision until I get a response back from both. Would it be acceptable to email Waterloo to ask about my application? Or email Carleton for more time? If I were to email UW would it be wise to mention that I have another offer with a deadline? I really wasn't expecting to get into Carleton at all based on my background so I am not sure how to deal with thi
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