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  1. I received an email to check my application this morning. I'm very surprised that I am an awardee! Anxiousgrad, I hope you get good news from the other fellowships.
  2. ...and now the "The review is not over" sentence is gone. "Review results will be available one to two weeks after reviews" remains. At least we know there's some activity, and that--maybe--the review is over???
  3. aaaannndd it's ("review results") back.
  4. Ahh, perhaps lol. But I also don't remember it saying "the review is not over." If that is true, though, we probably won't be hearing back before the 25th, I guess...😑🙃
  5. Hmm mine said this yesterday. But now it is gone. Weird...
  6. The “review results” tab is no longer available on my application?!?!
  7. Yes, I was thinking the same. None of the humanities or social science disciplines—except education— are there.
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