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  1. Rotman OB decisions came out but I have not heard anything about Marketing.
  2. Nice! Me too! Did you talk to any of the profs?
  3. What discipline did everyone apply to?
  4. I found out that first formal offers when out. Based upon who declines they move down the list.
  5. Oh, I do not think only one candidate will be selected for each discipline. They have admitted multiple people in various disciplines in the years priors. I am glad and good luck!!
  6. Also, if anyone knows anything more please share!
  7. This is what I know/can tell you about Ivey. They received a number of applications for all disciplines and for each discipline they said there were around 5 credible candidates for each discipline. Some students were formally interview and the final admissions committee met on February 25, 2021 (all disciplines). Some people were informally shared that offers will be made to them; other disciplines did not conduct interviews and will give straight offers. Current doctoral students in the program now were given straight offers without interviews. I am assuming formal, final
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