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  1. I wanted to but the way my program is setup we don't write one. I knew it wasn't a requirement going in to the program, but I did not know that they wouldn't allow me to write even if I requested to. My second year consists of a clinical externship for 21 hours a week. My school says that between an externship and my other classes, a master's thesis would be too much.
  2. I have 3 years of research experience. I have presented a poster that I was first author on at two conferences; however, that was only a proposal. I presented as a first author at my school's research day on data from the lab I was working in as undergrad. My name is another poster that is about to be presented by that lab, but I won't be attending the conference. Currently, I am in a Masters of Clinical Psych program and I am in a research lab. I am helping write a chapter in a clinical psychology handbook. I am on a research project but I won't be first author. I am looking to apply to Ph.D
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