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  1. Why not stay hopeful for the next 3 days? That's what I'm doing. I've seen people on Reddit getting accepted off the waiting list for their programs very recently, possibly today even.
  2. Went to BU undergrad, I hear the medical school facilities are kinda ugly/unimpressive. Programs obviously top notch, that's just what I've heard from various folks. I could be wrong too, never seen them myself 😅. Still waiting to hear from Maryland Med School for neuro, maybe I'll see you there..
  3. can anybody comfort me...plz...it's my last school that hasn't rejected me. Idc if you haven't applied there 😣
  4. Anyone applied to UMaryland Baltimore? Been told I'm at the top of the list for their next round of acceptances..........any thoughts on if I'll actually get accepted are very welcome........😬
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