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  1. Thanks so much for your reply first of all. I appreciate the additional resources. So the program is a research program dedicated to me researching my chosen topic and by the end of the summer having a 20 page paper written and a presentation over the content. I'm thinking it'll give me a really good insight into what grad school for history will look like, as I have essentially no experience. I'm finishing my accounting degree so I'll have that to fall back on if I hate this summer, but I'm really excited for it.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm going through threads and everything I'm seeing is making me a little nervous. I am an accounting major fourth year student who VERY recently decided to study history in graduate school. I've been accepted to a summer research institute and I hope to get some research experience there, but besides that I have none. My undergrad GPA is sitting right above a 3.4 right now because I've been battling some mental health and trauma issues for a while and the pandemic hasn't helped. I got a 158 on the verbal GRE, 5 on the written (152 on math lol). I was thinking about studyi
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