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  1. Haha it's fine. That's great you got accepted to another program at Penn. I think things will work out for both of us. I'll be joining the University of Michigan Program in Survey Methodology and Data Science. It's pretty different from MBDS I guess. Luckily they offered to cover tuition and a job at the institute for social research at Michigan. I'm more interested in social science research than behavioral econ so this just made more sense for me. I liked the idea of working at the center for social norms and behavioral dynamics at Penn but this should be a pretty similar thing in th
  2. The experience you have had sounds awesome and very relevant to the program! I'm guessing they just had a lot of applications this year. From what I recall they only accepted something like 15-20% of applications last year.
  3. What kind of criteria do you think they might have that's not as obvious or straightforward? Just curious. Seems like they're looking for a mix of people straight out of undergrad and people with more work experience.
  4. I got rejected on Monday. 3.7 GPA from Top 3 LAC. I had already committed to another program a few weeks ago so it doesn't really matter to me. But I thought I had a great personal statement and was a stats/psych double major so really not sure what they're looking for lmaoo.
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