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  1. Just heard that I got denied from UT.
  2. Just heard I was waitlisted for San Diego State.
  3. I received my fellowship offer for UC Berkeley. $12,000 total to be split up into 2 years. I'm very disappointed although not surprised. Definitely doing to decline.
  4. Has anybody heard from UT Austin or San Diego State? Has anybody who has been accepted to Berkeley heard back about financial aid yet?
  5. I applied for the 2 year, full-time, in person track.
  6. Advancing Health and Well-being across the Adult Lifespan. You?
  7. Same! Can you keep me updated on what financial aid they offer you?
  8. Also got accepted to Berkeley. Waiting for financial aid letter.
  9. Does anybody know anyone who attended or is attending UT Austin for their MSW? I would love to talk to them if so.
  10. This is what they replied when I emailed, "Thank you for your interest in Berkeley Social Welfare. Admissions decisions always go out in early March and offers need to be accepted or declined by April 15. Please see our website for more details."
  11. I applied to Berkeley but haven't heard anything. How did you find out? Is it the 2-year full time normal standing program? Can I ask if they offered any scholarships?
  12. I applied for normal standing and haven't heard back yet.
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