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  1. I keep having dreams that all my friends and classmates from high school are getting in and I'm still waiting hahah!
  2. I applied to fluid interfaces, haven't heard back.
  3. Thanks for the information! Let's hope for the best 🌸🌷
  4. I feel you! I read in the previous year's posts that people had been contacting group admins. There should be a support group for everyone who is waiting. Certainly quite an anxious period!
  5. Has anyone reached out to group admins to check where they might be in the process?
  6. No interview emails for me either.
  7. @0001 Thanks so much for the information
  8. I got a 5 minute view from Cambridge and a 31 minute view from Mumbai on the same day (yesterday). Keeping my fingers crossed 🀞🏼
  9. Waiting is definitely not fun! I hope everyone's taking care All the best!
  10. @flaeran Same! I got some from the UK and California. I applied to fluid interfaces, tangible media and personal robots
  11. Good luck to everyone who has applied! I know it's a bit early to ask but did anyone get an interview call yet? The waiting period is so difficult!!
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