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  1. I just got an interview offer email from TMG and the mail is written by Professor Ishii, though the email account is TMG admin.
  2. Yes. The researcher I contacted clearly mentioned they are looking for one(or none, if there is no suitable applicant) ML researcher, who can work on Natural Language Processing. That's for the upcoming master student, so if you are applying for Ph.D(even though theoretically you start from master, it's different) the situation could be different.
  3. Hi guys, I signed up to share some info in case it could help you guys. I've got to know some of the researchers in the Media lab(met at conferences), and one of them told me that they need to shortlist the applicants by mid-Jan. Interviews will be conducted independently by each lab from mid-Jan to early Feb. Also, if there's anyone interested in the Personal Robots Group, they say they are finding one ML researcher for NLP for the master's level. Maybe I could delete this post for a random reason, but for now, I wish this info helps you guys. Good luck everyone :)
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