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  1. Hi, yeah I think they are only doing the interviews from the 19th-21st this year. And thank you!!
  2. No I haven't heard back yet. I'm not expecting to hear from them for a while though since the interview isn't for another month. I'm still waiting to hear back from USC after filling out their interview form and the interview for them is on the 19th
  3. Thank you! I'm really not too sure. I know the only dates they are interviewing are February 15th-17th so I'd think there may be time for them to send more invites since the date isn't for another month!
  4. Yeah I applied to the immunology and microbiology program at UCI! It was 3 different faculty that interviewed me; they each had 30 mins and then we got a 15 min break in between each interview. It actually was not too bad of a setup for being on zoom. Good luck on your interview!!
  5. Yeah I believe they have a recruitment event on Jan 14th as well that I was told about today. I think they're still finalizing the schedule for that though.
  6. Thank you! I applied to the Immunology home program!
  7. Heard back from Stanford today and got an invite for an interview! Was in shock as this was the school I did not expect to hear from! Had my UCI interview today and it went well; they asked very standard interview questions and made it feel very conversational as opposed to a formal interview. Applied: UCLA, UCI, USC, Stanford Interview: UCLA, UCI, USC, Stanford
  8. Hmm maybe the different home programs send out the invites at different times. From what I've read it seems to vary a lot from program to program! Best of luck to you!
  9. Hi, I applied to the Immunity, Microbes, and Molecular Pathogenesis (IMMP) home program. Did you also apply to UCLA?
  10. Hi all, Just found this forum and wanted to join in while we all wait anxiously! Below are the schools I have applied to and the current status: Applied: UCLA (Bioscience), UCI (CMB), Stanford, and USC (PIBBS) Interview: UCLA, UCI, USC Still waiting to hear from Stanford since they mentioned invites should be coming this week.
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