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  1. There is a FB group if you have accepted your spot. Search UCLA MSW 2024 there are admins that can answer your questions.
  2. You are correct, Oliver confirmed it yesterday. I am with you on the Loans and the hunt... will you be able to attend the orientation April 7? I am so excited!!
  3. Ahh that makes sense, yes I also got my preliminary financial aid packet, I guess I was still hopeful having spoken to a second year recipient from another program who said it was 2 weeks after receiving her acceptance into her program that she got the GOFP. Do you mind sharing why you think they have been finalized? I did email to see if there was still a chance. I did not apply for DCFS stipend, but hope to apply for the DMH stipend in the second year. Are you able to attend on April 7 for the in person orientation?
  4. Hello, I applied to UCLA (The LIfe Span program) got my graduate acceptance March 1 and my department letter yesterday. I applied in November. I also applied to Humboldt State's Advance Standing Distributed Learning Program and was informed I was waitlisted yesterday, which was very nice of them because they require a prerequisite that costs $330 that starts on March 21. Although I did get a financial aide award which covers all of the tuition so I am left scratching my head a little... I am waiting to hear back from CSUN, no interview scheduled yet. I am anxiously awaiting any financial aid from UCLA. Anyone else need a manicure?
  5. I have not, and am eagerly awaiting to hear. I got my acceptance letter on March 1 and my letter from the program yesterday. My girlfriend who is a professor there in a different program says the letters come later maybe 2 weeks later.
  6. I emailed Oliver and he let me know that I would get a letter from them, but he congratulated me and welcomed me into the program. I received my letter from the graduate division on March first and the letter from Luskin yesterday. I am wondering if the fellowships have been awarded, I have been counting chickens....LOL
  7. Hello all, I am got an email today with a financial aid award to Humboldt State which included a grant for almost all of my tution, Funny thing though I haven't actually received an acceptance letter. I applied to their advance standing distributed learning program. I am still praying that I receive good funding from UCLA, where I was accepted into last week.
  8. If you can recall, and don't mind sharing what was your question? Anxiety minds want to know. I am getting ahead of myself since I haven't yet been invited to interview.... but still.
  9. Oh, nice, I am sure you did well, interviews are hard!! Was it over zoom or in person? your description is a bit confusing? how did the group work look? It sounds like in person, but maybe not. Thank you so much for sharing.
  10. Hey fellow Social Workers, How were your interview at CSUN? Hope it went well!!
  11. IT was confusing, and keep in mind it's preliminary, but if you go into the MyUCLA link https://my.ucla.edu/ you should be able to crate a User Name associated with your UID, it's where you completed the intent to register. On the admissions home page, there is a link in tiny print. I think the program may still need ot assign some funding, or at least that is my hope...and it springs eternal in the human beast. Good Luck!
  12. Oh I am sorry, Health and Mental Health over the Lifespan.
  13. Dogmama, good luck on your interviews, can you post your questions here and how your interview went? I applied to CSUN, and am hoping to get an interview, and have no idea what to expect. Fingers crossed!!
  14. I am at CSULB in the BSW program and everyone who applied internally has heard back this week, I think they are now focused on external candidates. Good luck, I did not apply to CSULB MSW program.
  15. I heard from UCLA yesterday, I was accepted and got a prelim financial aid packet with only loans today. I applied on 11/26 and have a 4.0 GPA I am still hopeful I might get more aid, really really hopeful. Good luck!
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