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  1. Hi. I got an email from Kelly last 03/31 saying that I got accepted for the full-time program. However, I still have a pending requirement that Liz is helping me with. Anybody else joining the full-time program? Best of luck to those who are still waiting. You got this!!!
  2. Just curious, is CSUF offering interviews in March only? When I booked, I only saw slots for March 10, 14 and 15.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Glad to know APU has a good rep.
  4. Glad to know APU is good. I will also consider it alongside LLU. Thank you!
  5. @socialmocha thank you for the info! Did LLU interview you already? My schedule with them is on March 7th.
  6. Off topic, just wanted to get your thoughts about the MSW Program of these schools: APU, Loma Linda and Calbaptist. I am a prospective international student so any inputs will be highly appreciated:)
  7. Hello. I just received an interview invitation last Friday. I chose March 10 any ideas about the questions to be asked and how the interview plays out considering they will be interviewing a group of applicants per zoom session?
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