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  1. Check out the American Academy of Religion too. Although they focus on areas outside of "biblical studies," their regional conferences have sections devoted to the study of the Bible.
  2. Finally heard back from them two days ago via mail. Rejected -- but they explained that it was because both my POIs were taking a sabbatical next year. I wonder why they took so long to tell me?
  3. I applied and haven't heard anything. I'm assuming I was rejected though since there's an acceptance in the results page from over a month ago now.
  4. Just found out I got accepted into the MTS!!!!! No word about funding yet! The email said that I will hear back by the end of the day.
  5. Congrats! MTS or MDiv? I applied to the MTS and didn't get anything yet.
  6. I got an email about funding but not a "check your application status" email.
  7. It was sent in an email. Nothing about funding on my application page.
  8. Got into the Yale's MARc in the History of Christianity. No word about funding though.
  9. No, I haven't heard anything from them. I bet we'll hear either this week or early next.
  10. Seriously...what is your secret? What's your academic background like? (If you don't mind sharing).
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