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  1. Question. Which PhD program would you choose: 1) a program with a better reputation (i.e., higher ranking, better placement record) but with no faculty who are really jazzed or knowledgeable about your dissertation interest or 2) a program where the faculty are all about your dissertation interest/ strong "gut" feeling connections were made but the program has little or no reputation or placement record Keeping in mind, of course, that dissertation interests may change in the course of the program. But it's that old question, should one suffer for one's art or take the safer road with the bigger institutional name? Fully funded at both programs. Liked both programs. But made stronger connecton with the faculty at the weaker program. Help?
  2. I've been through the New Brunswick thread, and there was very little said about grad student housing at Rutgers. I'm engaged, and my man is coming with me, so we are looking for 1 bedroom apartments in the area. Unfortunately, I'm trying to glean bits of information about Rutgers housing from my cozy apartment in Florida. Can someone volunteer an opinion about the Busch Campus grad housing? Thanks!
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