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  1. Did you get into Penn State? Hoping to connect with others in the program. Their funding is good.
  2. I got into Columbia's MA program, though I'm very conflicted about the no funding, especially since I have a lot of other funded offers.
  3. I know some people on here got accepted to Syracuse. Anyone else get into UMASS Amherst, Case Western or Penn State? They gave good funding and I am trying to decide where is best....
  4. I applied and was accepted to Penn State's MA program for Art History. Still waiting to hear back about funding.
  5. Hi! I got into Bard Graduate Center MA program and I am curious who else got in and if anyone has heard back about financial aid?
  6. I didn't apply to NYU but I know they just finished sending out some more PhD acceptances yesterday so probably the MA decisions will come out soon! Typically MA decisions are after PhD so I wouldn't worry yet. Also I applied to Williams and have not gotten an interview, but some people posted they did. If I hear anything, I'll post here asap. I probably won't accept Williams unless they give me a good financial package though because it isn't a good fit for me tbh, I also wouldn't blame them if they reject me....
  7. I got acceptances from University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Texas at Austin, Bard Graduate Center, Penn State, University of Oregon (though I will likely not attend this school), Syracuse (Florence program). Anyone else get into these programs? I'm trying to decide where is best.
  8. Ah!! I just got into the Florence program this morning too!!!!!! I was so worried when I didn't get notified yesterday!
  9. I have not heard back from them yet! But major congrats! I did get into University of Oregon's MA art history program which I applied to as a safety school so thankful to have one acceptance in the bag, hoping to hear back from more soon.
  10. Oh that is frustrating! I hope you get in! I applied to their MA program (I applied to only 2 PhDs) so I presume I'll hear later than you will.
  11. Has anyone heard back from Case Western or Washington University in St Louis?
  12. I've heard mix things as well, but if you want my advice, FOR SURE CHOOSE COURTAULD OVER NYU OR GEORGETOWN. Not only is Courtauld way more highly regarded than NYU's MA program, but it is also far cheaper and the MA program at NYU is described by many as a scam and a cash cow to fund their PhD program with little attention from the faculty. Williams is held to a very high esteem and has good funding, I'd say if you got into Williams, maybe that over Courtauld but both are very good schools. Congrats on Courtauld!
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