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  1. Thank you! You too! Ya... the waiting is so frustrated
  2. I don't think there are any places on applications that indicate tracks... it's just that I talked to people who got in previously, and they all mentioned their tracks. Also, the one one gradcafe said it was DP track. I had a friend who also got the interview and she was DP track. So, my guess is DP has already released the interview (hopefully OM hasn't sent out invitations yet)
  3. Did you see it on GradCafe? I also saw one. Do you know which track?
  4. on gradcafe someone posted an invitation from mit sloan, tho in cb track
  5. Applied to a mix of om/quant marketing programs at top tier b-school. Wharton OID gave interviews about this time last year and in 2021. Has anyone heard from Wharton OID?
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