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  1. I probably will too if that's the case. It would be hard to justify going to GT SSP with no scholarship versus a decent scholarship at GW. I might email SSP admissions and ask about funding though just to make sure
  2. That's what it seems like. I haven't received any email or word from the program itself either, just the acceptance letter posted in the portal.
  3. Weird, I never received an email. I just happened to see it. Did the email or letter mention anything about funding?
  4. Check your portal. I got accepted! A decision was randomly posted to my portal with no email notification. It doesn't say anything about funding either.
  5. The Masters in Foreign Service or Masters in Security Studies?
  6. Sorry to hear that. Was it for SSP? How did you receive your admissions decision? I still haven't heard anything.
  7. Does anyone have any updates from Georgetown SSP?
  8. Just got the acceptance letter from GW security studies. However, there's no mention of funding or anything like that. Did you receive something similar with nothing about funding?
  9. Hey! I applied to security studies at GW, AU, and Georgetown. Got accepted to GW and AU so far but am still waiting to hear back from SSP. GW called yesterday and said acceptance letters and funding go out on Friday for me too. Good luck!
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