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  1. There are postcolonialists at nearly every English department. Also, Caribbean and Southeast Asian postcolonial literature is rather broad, so it would be better to specify your research before looking for a faculty member with whom to work. As you probably know, Cornell has Davies, who is prime for cross-cultural Caribbean studies. Also, the postcolonial superstars at top-tier programs do not take on students, so you can ask around for who is available.
  2. I'm pretty sure Spivak doesn't take students. I doubt Bhabha does either. It's a bit unnerving, the thought (and number) of applicants who apply to programs without knowledge of this.
  3. I think we may be competing for fellowships. On my application, I checked a couple of boxes to be considered. I live in LA, and that figure is peanuts. I knew the figure when applying, but I was merely focused on getting admitted to a program. If UCLA is my only option, I will have to plan on having side gigs. I don't know how the current students live on that figure. It may be feasible, but certainly not comfortable.
  4. Same here. Did you fill out a FAFSA? I haven't, so I asked the graduate assistant whether I would need to in order to be considered for fellowships, and she forwarded my email to the graduate advisor. If it is really $18K + $3K, I might really have to mull this over.
  5. Was the financial package in your letters? My letter says nothing...
  6. Congratulations. The acceptance letter has very little details. I am assuming an email or a call concerning our financial package will be coming soon.
  7. Thanks! I've checked with people I know, and it looks like I'm the only one who got news. Then again, UCLA sent out the email late last night, so maybe people haven't checked their inboxes yet. Good luck!
  8. I received an email (sent 11:59 pm) linking me to the official acceptance letter. I haven't seen any results postings for UCLA. Just curious as to whether anyone else received word.
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