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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am applying for the research based degree and plan to go for PhD later. With a profile like this, I doubt I will be able to get admit to a doctoral program right away. Any suggestions/comments?
  2. I wish to apply for Masters at the following universities in Computer Science. Brief Profile: *B.Tech(Computer Science) GPA=9.34/10 from IIIT, Hyderabad (class topper's GPA = 9.56). My rank is 3 (among 100 students in same course). IIIT is a TIER-1 college in India. *I have 1 year work experience with Google as Software Engineer. Now I am working on some other projects in IIIT-H. *Interned with Microsoft Inc., Hyderabad for 4 months during college. *GRE-1290 (V-490 Q-800) *TOEFL-110 (speaking-23, writing-27, reading-30, listening-30) Recommendation Letters All 3 will be from pr
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