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  1. Wow really, that’s so nice! did you have the opportunity to do the viewing or you found it from outside the province?
  2. That’s really encouraging to hear! I’m looking forward to the internship! What is your current job role if you don’t mind me asking? And also do you have an idea of the salaries in this field?
  3. Did you find a place yet! It’s been a hassle especially from not being in the city.
  4. Are you accepting your offer if you received one? Also does anyone know the long term job/career prospects of this program? My research on LinkedIn mostly shows recent grads, I’m trying to figure the career progression in the long run! Thanks
  5. I haven’t yet and I was planing on checking fb market place, I’m out of province so I’m thinking that might make it even harder
  6. Thank you! I appreciate your kind wishes.
  7. Congrats!!! It didn’t say anything about deferrals on mine.
  8. Contacted them too and apparently I’ve been receiving updates but went to my spam. Checked my application portal and saw an update! I got an offer
  9. Anyone else hear back? Do you know if they are still sending out acceptances?
  10. Congratulations!!! This is great. Did they let you know if you would be offered any scholarship?
  11. What kind of programs are you looking into now? I applied to UTM mbiotech but didn’t hear back. Looked into some other heath informatics the programs but it’s passed the deadlines.
  12. I had mine too! I was anxious in the beginning but it was really a calm environment lol. They said we should hear back by mar 30, by then interviews would have been completed.
  13. Oh my you did yours already? How did it go? Was 20 mins too long?
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