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  1. So, I am sad to say that I received my last rejection today, and I have now gone 0 for 6. I knew in advance that there was a risk to applying to this number of (highly competitive) programs and I guessed where the weaknesses in my applications might be, but I believed I had a non-zero chance and I went for it. No regrets, and I am already planning for next year. The problem right now is thinking about how exactly to improve my application, and with so many variables in the admissions process, I do not feel I can completely/accurately asses it. So if there is anyone right now who is riding
  2. You get an up-vote for that! I guess that'll be first generation Doctor as well?
  3. I recall that form asking applicants to check whether they are descendants of John Harvard, some military officer from Massachusetts, and/or other people who gave a lot of money to the university.
  4. Some people seemed to think the Harvard ones were trolls, but who knows. Maybe someone will claim a posting here and provide more details.
  5. Yeah, couldn't tell if it was for real or not. I know that we all take this stuff seriously, enough so to dedicate 5/7-to-life to it, but really, perspective matters.
  6. Interesting, they seem to be doing it piecemeal and very slowly. Judging by the boards, most people have still probably heard nothing.
  7. Whoops, I totally mixed up two professors on their faculty!
  8. Huge congrats! I take it you're comparative, then?
  9. Instead of getting a day off on Monday, the work day will "officially" be one hour shorter, and a day off will be granted at the beginning of November. I do not understand the reasoning for this.
  10. Someone posted in the results search "Emailed GSAS, "No decision has been recorded on your application. We expect that the faculty committee on admissions will return all Ph.D. decisions by early to mid March. You will be notified via email when a decision has been reached." This seems surprising to me, since they sent out so many acceptances, a few waitlists, and visitation info. Maybe there will be a second wave, but my best guess right now is to interpret this as "rejected, but not handling individual inquiries."
  11. Noticed someone posted a rejection from UCLA. Was that in response to an inquiry? Not that I have any hope left, I'd just like to stick a nail in that coffin, along with what will likely be all of my apps this cycle. Bleh!
  12. Congrats to all the Columbia admits. And a giant UGH for everyone who applied and didn't hear anything yet.
  13. Columbia news is dated Jan 30, I'd just call it terrible timing for an update (all due respect to whoever posted it!).
  14. I've heard mixed opinions on this, and while I understand the reasoning, I find it difficult to believe it applies as much to elite schools like Toronto, where I would expect any Canadian would be very happy to do three degrees-- and which people from everywhere else also view with great respect. That would be a good question to put to your professors, though, if you plan to continue to a PhD.
  15. Every program is different, but it seems unlikely that being an international student is itself a disadvantage (aside from the standard difficulties with interpreting a transcript from an unfamiliar university system). Many area studies programs use the FLAS grant that is only eligible to US citizens to recruit, and fairly consistently accept international students who either pay tuition themselves or are able to do so through a home government grant. My own master's program has almost always had at least one international student (in a very small cohort), and always receives international app
  16. I also made an explicit case for mixed methods in my application, and I simply assumed that there was a place for that at all or most top 20s, independent of a particular POI. Is the situation more complicated than I thought? Or are you saying here that you did not identify that POI who may be unavailable, but they inferred that individual through the rest of your app?
  17. Huge congrats! U of T is a wonderful school, and they have a great program there. You may feel quite drawn to Ukraine once you are there-- and that's a good thing.
  18. Welcome! I recommend checking the Results Search section of gradcafe and looking for your Russian/East European Studies programs. They all notify applicants at different times, but you should expect to hear back over the next few weeks.
  19. To you as well-- here's hoping within a month we can raise a toast in front of our screens over that just-in-time admission!
  20. I'm also having these worries, but I know rationally that no single program result can have much bearing on the likelihood of another outcome, and only half my programs have been exhausted. It is very worrying though. I took a big risk this cycle by only applying to highly competitive programs, and filtering my list based on places I believed I had very strong fit. So rejections just start a chain of second-guessing every single aspect of the application. If the worst case happens I'll at least attempt to ask for feedback from programs (I know many claim they won't provide that) but for now it
  21. I have not. I am presuming rejection at this point, though I believe in past years there have been cases where someone would be admitted well after initial notification.
  22. Got my official rejection letter from Princeton. Sad, but better to know with certainty right off the bat.
  23. Somewhat surprised not to hear from Michigan today. Maybe tomorrow? Also keeping my fingers crossed for Columbia this week.
  24. I'd be surprised if they weighed GRE scores heavily in the FLAS application. That's handled internally by each university, but from my experience, they usually have to put in a little effort to make sure they actually spend all the FLAS money they get in a given year. With regional studies programs it's possible there's some competition, but the FLAS is based more on the application's profile and trajectory than their numbers. The Fulbright will look very good in that regard, and your research interests sound great.
  25. Congrats! Regarding FLAS, I believe different schools have different procedures, but my program was able to offer it along with the acceptance in mid-March (2011).
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