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  1. So, keeping in with the trends of some library-school blogs to comment on the slowness of financial aid ... What are your opinions on accepting an offer by the deadline (April 15th usually, though Maryland asked me to reply by March 28th) with the full intention on rescinding the "yes" if you receive a better financial aid package afterward? None of my schools have given me the aid package yet, and after some asking, I have pretty much found out that I won't hear from anyone until after the 15th (Pittsburgh said they tell people in SUMMER). Some of my friends said it was very bad professional form to accept and then decline. But what else can I do when I can't really make an informed decision? Thoughts? Does it really "ruin one's professional reputation"? (though if you said no, you aren't going there anyway ...!)
  2. I'm having the same issue!! They told me I won't even hear back until later in the summer. The stuff for Stafford loans isn't due until June 1st, so of course I won't know until after that. How am I supposed to make an informed decision??
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