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  1. Carla Mazzio is actually on leave this semester, and Carine Mardorossian is the DGS this year. I'm sure whatever you send to the DGS will go to her, but also, Joyce Troy is a great contact too, since she basically runs the department and takes care of everything.
  2. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, I've been bogged down with work! Your topic sounds interesting! I actually think there's a class next semester discussing urban spaces in the 20th Century American novel. I'm always surprised by how diverse the faculty specialties are. You have everything from psychoanalysis to Marxism to Emily Dickinson to diasporic/postcolonial. I have to pick my classes for next semester soon and I have no idea what to take! But to answer your first question, right now I'm reading Scenes of Subjection by Saidiya Hartman, as well as Cities of the Dead by Joe
  3. Yeah, UB was pretty emphatic about paper copies of transcripts, etc, but I think you have to also complete an online portion where you can upload e-copies of your SOP and writing sample as well, so it's not entirely paper-based. At least, it wasn't when I applied last year! And my thing right now is queer theory, specifically the genealogy of performativity in racialized bodies. Ugh, that sounds super pretentious AND boring, but I get to read a lot of stuff about trauma, disidentification, slavery, diasporic queer communities, etc. UB is HUGE on theory (I think it's ranked like top 10 in t
  4. Yeah, I don't think it would be a problem to see if you can get your LORs to give you sealed envelopes so you can send it in yourself. One of my professors did that--she gave me six separate sealed envelopes with her name and the school name, so I could send the right one to each school (she was a total lifesaver). No matter what school I applied to, I always gave my LORs a stamped and addressed envelope, so they could mail it themselves. I think as long as you give them enough advance warning about when you need the letters in, you'll be okay. And UB does require a lot of hard copy stuff,
  5. Hey there! I'm at UB right now. As far as I can remember, I could actually upload my SOP and writing sample online, along with general biographical info/CV. I think I mailed in my transcripts and hard copies of my SOP and writing sample, had my GRE scores sent there, and I had to ask my LORs to mail in their materials on time (though UB would notify me every time they received stuff from a specific professor.) I agree that it is antiquated, but at least UB doesn't ask for the GRE subject test? Haha. I'm probably forgetting the particulars, but if you have any questions, let me know!
  6. I can personally tell you that SUNY Buffalo is extremely flexible. We just had our PhD orientation last week, and met with the DGS. Basically, you can take anything you want. There have been graduates of the English PhD program who have taken Comp Lit classes almost exclusively. Also, there doesn't seem to be any pressure to concentrate on a particular time period. You can do self-directed reading, get credit for student-run study groups, and can take lit classes extensively rather than intensively (you do the reading but don't write a final paper). If you want to have a minor field, just take
  7. Couldn't agree more! The Einstein quote you mentioned really emphasizes the biggest point: that moral systems explored by humanism are most relevant when applied to systems of technological development. Humanism and technology (and by extension, natural and physical science) are not only not opposed, they seem intended to coexist in a symbiotic relationship. The author of the article, Damon Horowitz, gave a talk at a TED conference a while ago on this subject, and his main thesis was that culturally (in the West), technology and knowledge of tech is privileged over the humanities, since tech c
  8. Just stumbled across this article yesterday. Not so much about finding a job as it is about being a good human, and it's more aimed toward people with tech jobs, or just people who think the humanities are a waste of time when it comes to employment, knowledge-seeking, or just plain living. And obviously, not all tech-oriented people think that, nor are tech and the humanities mutually exclusive. Still, I think it's relevant. Thoughts? http://chronicle.com...gist-to/128231/
  9. This is my view and you can take it or leave it, but I don't think you should be applying to PhD programs in English with a 3.0 GPA (I'm assuming on a 4.0 scale). That's a lot lower than what 90% of the applicants will be bringing to the table. People with pristine academic records and perfect GRE scores get routinely rejected from Ivy/top 20 programs, and while I'm sure there are some anecdotal cases of people getting into their dream programs with lower GPAs/GRE scores, more often than not, it's a crap shoot. The competition for spots in funded PhD programs is fierce, and the fierceness seem
  10. All the schools mentioned have stellar programs, especially Cornell. I'm good friends with one of the profs who teaches in the grad program (he's my former landlord), and he's beyond brilliant and a great guy, so I'd recommend looking into the program. For the record, his name is Rick Bogel, and from what he's told me about his work, he focuses quite a bit on critical theory, more specifically neo-formalism, intersections between philosophy and lit, deictics, etc. And while all the previously mentioned programs are definitely amazing, I'd also suggest that you check out schools not in the t
  11. Hey all! I hope those of you who're heading to programs soon are having fun getting ready (or pulling their hair out from stress) for this year. I'm moving to Buffalo in a few weeks, and while it's all a bit overwhelming, I'm excited about getting settled. Over the past few weeks I've been getting to know some of the people in my cohort (via listservs, Facebook, etc), and so far I'm the only incoming PhD student that I know of with just a BA, as well as one of the youngest. Some of the current PhD students are married with kids. I'm only 22 and I just got my BA a year ago, and while I appli
  12. I heard that bit about office hours on Elmwood too, and I think it's fantastic. It'd probably help me feel like less of a gibbering mess around profs if I've got some caffeine and hipsterdom nearby I also heard that Talking Leaves Books on Main Street and Elmwood carries a lot of textbooks for classes, so that'll be hella convenient. I CANNOT wait for the registration stuff to come. I've been looking online at the fall classes and salivating. I can't wait to get started! Might as well feel this optimism for as long as I can!
  13. Casa di Pizza, Bob & John's, Just Pizza and Jacobi's all have amazing wings, if my memory serves. The reason I love Elmwood so much is that it's just a wonderful atmosphere; very cozy, and quiet if you live on the right street. It's one of the safest parts of the city as well. And while it's not five minutes away from North Campus, it's maybe 15-20 minutes by car. I plan on using the 24/7 shuttle between North and South quite often, since I'll be moving with my girlfriend and we only have one car between us. All my classes are on the North Campus, so I can totally relate to your preferenc
  14. No problem, I'm curious to see how many people from GradCafe will be at UB this fall! As for the wings question, when I was growing up everyone I know just called them wings, haha. I don't eat them anymore (I'm a vegetarian trying to go back to veganism, with very little luck, I love cheese too much), but some of the best wings I had in Buffalo came from Bob & Johns, a great place on Hertel Ave that I totally recommend. I've heard that since North Campus is so huge (over 1,000 acres), parking/mobility can be a problem, which is why the 24/7 shuttles sound like a good idea, since I'm
  15. Hey there! I'll be in the English PhD program at UB this fall too! I actually grew up in Buffalo, too, so if you have any questions about the area I could probably help you out. I'm hella excited about UB, it's a great program, and the city's pretty awesome. I couldn't wait to leave it in high school, and now I realize all the cool shit it's got going on. I'm currently wasting away in central AZ right now, and I'm actually looking forward to actual seasons and precipitation.
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