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  1. Hi there!Does anyone know how competitive this program is? And how is the Ph.D. placement of this program?
  2. Hello everyone, I have just made up my mind to apply for some programs in communication studies (just finished my application for some programs in film studies). I am very interested in media archeology and media studies. And NYU MCC seems a perfect match for me to further discover my research interest and to get prepared for future Ph.D. study. So I am quite curious that is there any other MA programs similar to NYU MCC?
  3. @lit-TARDIS I see.Thank you so much for your useful advice! You solved the confusion over my head for months! And good luck on your application!
  4. Thank you! Theory-based program is exactly what I was looking for! But how to know a program is theory based? (I do know some very famous PhD programs are heavy on theory. But the MA?) Is it by checking the past courses or the publication of the faculty? (Sorry for this question sounding naive) And I have heard the MA program in SUNY Buffalo is extremely flexible and one can choose any courses across different departments. Is a program like this will be more suitable?
  5. Thanks a lot! "Try frame your interests within existing scholarship" is very enlightening and provides me another angle to view this whole issue. However, I am really confused about the relation between "theoretical" and "thematically, temporally, or geographically". Is it for the purpose of fulfilling the academic tradition (to contextualize everything first, I guess) in North America? Or is it the necessary step of practicing towards the theoretical construction?
  6. Hi, everyone! I am from a non-English speaking country and currently planning to apply for the MA program. However, I haven't seriously considered my research interest until several months ago. I am recently working on my writing sample which mainly tries to analyse Blood Meridian with the theory of text interference. I gradually grow the interest in unnatural narrative theory, the problem of metalepsis across media, and Baxtin's dialogism. However, from what I have seen on the websites of the programs in Canada and US, I think the approaches in literary studies are more "historical" and "poli
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