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  1. There are approximately FIVE results for Atmospheric Science when I search the acceptance/rejections area on the site! So I want to know....is there anyone else out there? :mrgreen: and where are you applying?
  2. sconnors

    chicken soup

    Getting my GRE scores - I had NO IDEA that taking the computer-based test meant that they just popped up on the screen as soon as you clicked the ticky box on your last question! Definitely a "whoa...wait..WHOA!" moment for me.
  3. sconnors

    Take the mind off waiting

    Oxygen and helium are hanging out at their bar, having a few drinks. Gold walks in the door. Hydrogen is not a huge fan of gold, and he's a bit drunk, so from across the room he yells "AU! GET OUT OF MY BAR!" Sin(x), Cos(x), and e^(x) are having a party. Sin(x) and cos(x) are having a great time, mingling and chatting with all their guests, but they notice e^(x) sulking in a corner. They go over to him and try to make him feel better. "Maybe you'll have more fun with people if you try to integrate yourself!" But e^(x) just shakes his head and sighs. "No, what would be the point? I'll still be the same." nerdy math/science jokes. I'm so sorry.

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