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  1. When I went for a visit day, the student I stayed with lived off-campus and said she had no problem meeting other grad students that way. I definitely got the impression that most of them live off-campus. If they live on campus at all, it seems to be only for the first year and after that point they move off. Also, when I checked out a HGS room for a few minutes, it seemed way too dorm-like for me. It's not a good choice for me personally, but I'm sure it could work just fine for someone else as a first year.
  2. I don't know about Yale's waitlisting practices, but their visit day yesterday was amaaaazing. They are very friendly in person.
  3. I always try to err on the side of formality, personally. I don't think it's that huge of a deal though.
  4. Phone calls all 3 times. They're awkward, but I love the phone calls.
  5. Think of your Penn acceptance, breathe deeply, and smile.
  6. Seriously??? I post a new thread to find other History of sci/med people and you find this one from last year?
  7. I had a pretty quick turnaround for 2, but I've still only heard from the department at one school. I guess it has to do with funding decisions. Honestly though, I'm glad that I heard unoficially from the depts first because it feels more personal than from the grad school.
  8. I'd ask the 2nd school when they will be making funding decisions first.
  9. Sense of humor. I'll need that when I propose an inevitably ridiculous dissertation topic.
  10. I got into Yale with a 33%tile Q. Granted, that was for history... but just sayin'.
  11. I get my schools' "Daily Email," which doesn't even have what's for lunch in the cafeteria. F.
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