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  1. Victory

    Wait List Etiquette

    By the way, there were 60 people on the waitlist I was on. You never know, good luck.
  2. Victory

    Wait List Etiquette

    I got off the waitlist at Cornell. I expressed my enthusiasm for staying on the waitlist, I RSVP'd for the open house (and let multiple people know that I was coming to visit). I got accepted last week and the open house is on Friday, but I was planning on attending and taking notes on everything that I liked about Cornell and why it was a good fit. My advice is to express your enthusiasm AND show it...I suggest putting your money where your mouth is and scheduling a visit (even if you have already done this). Maybe RSVP for a conference or a talk that your department is hosting...etc.
  3. Wow...bad economy to menstrual cups. Definitely not the logical progression of thought I saw coming!
  4. If you can get a loan, why in the world would they care?
  5. Victory


    Are all waitlists ranked? I'm waitlisted at a school that I'd like to go to, and had planned on attending their open house (I was invited). I was going to put on the ole' razzle dazzle susquehanna shuffle jazz hands in the hopes they would be assured by my enthusiasm that I would attend if admitted. However if I am ranked 50/50...then there aint no goddamn point in getting out of bed. I should call and ask...I wonder if they'll tell me. The letter did say "small number of applicants" are on the list...but who the hell knows what a small number is.
  6. Victory

    Does a longer wait mean denied?

    Today I was rejected from Columbia's International Affairs program. They announced decisions in a blog post where they described how the application process went. It's not an exact science, but maybe it will help you out a bit. They said 60% of people had a unanimous decision from the committee one way or the other...admit or reject. The other 25% had to go to council for further review because there was not unanimous decision, and the other 15% were being considered for fellowships and had to go through further review. Longer could be good or bad :mrgreen:
  7. Victory

    The First Rejection...

    I got my first rejection today from Columbia's International Affairs program. I was trying to make it a dual degree with urban planning, and they sniffed my insincerity out like a pack of blood hounds. They knew I wasn't 100% committed, and they rejected me in the first round on the first day.
  8. Victory

    Any chance to turn rejections around

    Those guys admit they made a mistake, not likely.
  9. Victory

    How would you prefer to be rejected?

    An official email with school logos/lettering with a general explanation of how the applicant pool looked. For example, low funding this year due to economic circumstnaces, we reduced class size, applications increased by 35% and most were exceptional etc. We did pay $80 and invested countless hours of effort, I think it's the least they could do. Just because you're an academic doesn't mean you have the right to be an asshole.
  10. Victory

    What do you do to relax while waiting?

    Been getting really well aquainted with good ole' Chucky Shaw. He can be a bit sour grapes sometimes, but he's a helluva guy. HELLUVA GUY!
  11. Victory

    Honest to goodness panic attacks?

    I got the acceptance to UPenn 30 minutes after I posted this. I was feeling pretty awful this morning, but how things change.
  12. I've always suffered from mild panic attacks, but I was able to control them. Lately I've been getting them at work, or when I'm on long walks with my dog (and have too much time to think). I get so panicky about grad school admissions that I start to hyperventilate (almost passed out twice).Yesterday I actually left work 30 min early and didn't tell anyone because I was freaking out so bad (I just ran to my car and drove home). At work I get myself into this OCD routine where I'm checking my email probably 15 times a minute (I have gmail, so it refreshes automatically), while cycling through a few grad school message boards, plus doing my work. On lunch breaks I keep my blackberry set to my gmail account and refresh it every minute or so. I feel like it has taken over my life. Anyone else been getting crazy panic attacks over this stuff? I don't mean stressed out, I mean heart pounding, can't breathe, must leave the room or freak the fuck out kind of panic attacks? I can't wait for all of this to be over...
  13. Victory

    Poll: When did you submit your apps?

    I'm really happy to see that so many of you waited until the night/day before to submit! I thought I was in the minority. I submitted all my apps on the night they were due within hours of the deadline. When I applied to ugrad, I submitted my online app at 11:55pm with a cut off at 12am. It was a last minute decision to apply to a reach school. I got in. :mrgreen:
  14. Victory

    not a sausage

    8 programs...0 responses. Regardless of how frustrating it is to hear, I think what you have to remember (and others have voiced this sentiment) is that it really is still early. Yes, there have been some auto admits/rejects, but as for the rest of us, I think the first week of March will be when things begin to really heat up.
  15. Victory

    what else is in your email?

    Got my Direct TV bill "ready for viewing". And the one that ALWAYS kills me...especially because it comes every single day is the one with the subject line "COLUMBIA SIPA Admissions". OH SHIT! I think, but... it always turns out to be a blog alert that I signed up for last week. It's like the dense kid who falls for the same trick over and over and over again.

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