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  1. I received a financial award from Evans as well. Full tuition remission for my first year but nonrenewable for the second year. I won't be taking it, so hopefully that will free up some money for others!
  2. I was hoping someone might be able to answer a question for me. I was given a graduate honor award to AU for full tuition remission (eek! ) and just received the official letter in the mail today. It says that I have an added requirement through a service component to partner with faculty and/or administration within SPA. My merit award requires a service component of 10 to 20 hours of service per week (as a TA, GA, etc). My question is whether this is work I will receive wages from or if it really is just a "service" I need to complete for the university in order to receive my award. In one
  3. Program Applied To :MPA Schools Applied To: NYU Wagner, AU SPA, GW Trachtenberg, UW Evans School Schools Admitted To: NYU Wagner ($3,000), AU SPA ($33,000 + Graduate Assistantship), GW Trachtenberg ($5,000 plus waitlisted for "more generous funding awards") Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: UW Evans Undergraduate institution: University of Washington Undergraduate GPA: 3.86 Undergraduate Major: International Studies GRE Quantitative Score: 720 GRE Verbal Score: 630 GRE AW Score: 4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 3.5 Years of Work Experience: 3.5 Describe Relev
  4. I heard by email last Tuesday that I will be receiving full tuition remission from American. The official letter will be coming in the mail this week. George Washington said their funding letters will arrive by the end of this week also. Good luck!
  5. I also heard from Wagner yesterday and had applied on January 5th. They gave me a 2 credit a year tuition remission...Definitely not enough
  6. It might be worth a call. I applied on February 1st and heard back that I was officially accepted on February 10th...
  7. I just found out I got the same award today! So excited!!!!!!!!
  8. Program Applied To: MPA (nonprofit management) Schools Applied To: Wagner, Evans, American, George Washington, Arizona State Schools Admitted To: George Washington, American, Arizona State Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Wagner, Evans Undergraduate institution: top 10 ranked public school Undergraduate GPA: 3.86 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.9 Undergraduate Major: International Studies GRE Quantitative Score: 720 GRE Verbal Score: 630 GRE AW Score: 4.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 3 Years of Work Experience: 3 Descri
  9. I got an email from American last night to just check my online status. I thought that would be bad news, but it wasn't. I'm officially in! I'm surprised I heard back so soon because I applied on the Feb. 1st deadline. Now waiting to hear about funding...
  10. Hey mssyAK, You know, I haven't heard anything about their generosity. I'm in the same boat, though. I definitely can't move to DC unless they give me some significant funding. Anyone out there have any idea when they are going to let us all know about funding?
  11. Yeah, I got a call from someone also, which put me at ease. Now just waiting to see if they want to give me any money!
  12. Hey Jean85, Quick question...has your application status changed yet? Mine still says under review although that email said the website should reflect our acceptance soon.
  13. Congrats! That's exciting news! I wish all schools got back to me so quickly. Thanks for letting me know
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