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  1. Thank you for sharing information It seems that it is very difficult to do what I want to do. I checked MIT Lincoln Labs. I do not have US citizen ship. So I am not eligible for applying. Anyway, I think I cannot get accepted at that place. MIT Lincoln Labs seems very very difficult for me.
  2. Sorry, my GPA is not 3.8, 3.7 I made a typo I heard that half of the acceptance at Madison this year could get the guaranteed funding. Additionally, in the second semester, many people get some funding
  3. Ah~, you do not pursue Ph.D I did not read carefully. By the way, my undergrad school is not top ranked school in my country like you. I think my undergrad is in the middle of all universities in Japan in terms of ranking I went to there because it is the best university in my region So I think you also have chance
  4. >did u mail any prof beforehand? I sent e-mails to each professor (mentioned in my SOP) in each university beforehand for once. However, I could not get any reply. I think that sending e-mails is usually not so important. I saw sometimes that some people contact with a professor beforehand, but I think that it is in a situation where a professor knows an applicant. But, I think it is better to do anything you can do. But some professor's homepage says "Please do not send any e-mail before acceptance". In this case, I think it might be not good to send an e-mail. >whr r u frm?Japan?I
  5. Ah~, your Japanese is very natural. I am Japanese. I cannot clearly say which universities are safe for you, but I can tell you my case. I applied to 9 universities the last year: MIT, Princeton, OSU, UCSD, UMCP, University of Michigan Ann arbor, NCSU, UW-Madison, and Purdue. My profile was GRE(Q:790, V:310, A:3.5) , TOEFL-ibt:86, and GPA:3.7. I had one international conference paper(the first author). Moreover, after applying, I got another international conference paper(the first author) and told this information to the universities I applied. In this situation, 1) I got accepted at
  6. My verbal score was more worse. My profile was GPA:3.8, GRE(Q:790, V:310, A:3.5), and one IEEE related conference paper(the first author). Moreover, I got another IEEE related conference paper(the first author) after applying. So I told this to universities I applied. I could get accepted at UW-Madison and NCSU. However, I could not get any guaranteed funding. I was put into a waiting list of Purdue. Just in my opinion, the score of verbal GRE is not so important in terms of acceptance. However, low verbal score might hurt the possibility of getting funding. This is just my opinion.
  7. Are you Japanese? I think you have very good profile compared to me
  8. Hi I also applied to OSU, UW-Madison, NCSU, UCLD, and UCMP the last year. My profile was GPA:3.7, GRE(Q:790, V:310, A:3.5), and TOEFL-ibt:86. I had one publication(the first author). I was accepted at UW-Madison as Ph.D(without funding) and at NCSU as Master(without funding). I was rejected by all other schools. After applying the universities, another paper was accepted by an international conference (the first author). As soon as I told this information to UW-Madison and NCSU, I got accepted. I hope that this is good information for you.
  9. Hi folks! I just want to hear some experience and opinions. I got accepted at very good university as Ph.D degree this year. So I will go there. At first, I planned to get Ph.D. However, my situation got different from the previous situation so that it seems that I cannot get Ph.D in terms of money even if I get funding. The problem is my family. My family got a trouble about money. So I have to sustain my family as soon as possible. I want Ph.D in the future, but I have to work after getting Master. Is it possible to get Ph.D while working (at leas over 60k)? I think nobody cannot an
  10. I will go to University of Wisconsin-Madison I was rejected by most schools I applied, but I am happy
  11. Hi prospective students and alumni of University of Wisconsin-Madison. I will go to University of Wisconsin-Madison as Master. However, I could not get any funding from them with the acceptance e-mail There is a Epic RAship , but it seems difficult. But, according to the information on the web, most students will get funding after they get into the 2nd year. Is it true? I would like to do anything I can. So does somebody have some good information to get funding in University of Wisconsin-Madison?
  12. Thank you so much for many opinions It seems that I also have to take some course works after getting MS. But getting MS might reduce the number of course work in Ph.D.
  13. Can somebody answer my question? I got accepted at University of Wisconsin-Madison as MS. I think I will go there. However, I have a question about the difference of the course work between MS and Ph.D. In U.S.A, there is no border between MS and Ph.D. I mean that undergrad students can go directly to Ph.D course. This is totally different from my country. In my country, students who wanna get Ph.D have to get MS first. I will get Master, but I also want to get Ph.D in the future. So I will take course work as Master. There is a question. When I get accepted as Ph.D in some univers
  14. Hi amrutak96.

    Thank you for welcoming me as a friend!

  15. I got accepted at University of Wisconsin-Madison as Master degree without funding. However, I think I will go to this school This is the first acceptance for me So happy
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