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  1. Are you a current student? Would you mind terribly if I messaged you about Rochester's process?
  2. YES! THIS! Not for the same school, but this for another school!!
  3. Definitely fills the silence a bit, although I already have an MA in English so I don't know if if that consideration applies in my case. Here's to hoping, eh?
  4. Has anyone still not heard anything from Buffalo. My status still says "not reviewed" on the website.
  5. GWU is known for that exact sub-field, and the research facilities (Library of Congress) are very good. I'm sure you know this. GWU, however, is very very underfunded and the program's growth is suspended (source: department blog words of former chair). Rutgers IS an elite university. If you subscribe to US News and World Reports or the other one (name slips my mind) Rutgers is in the top 20. GWU, is not. Could be someday, but not right now. All that said, you go with the best fit.
  6. Must have got lost in the mail, just activated my account and they had all my info. Woot woot. Perhaps see you in the fall if all is well. Thanks for the help.
  7. Congratulations! Also, how do you have a PAWS account? I had submitted my application to the UW System application and the confirmation e-mail was boilerplate, directing me back to the UWM Grad School site.
  8. There is a post up for an acceptance to UW - Milwaukee, any claimers? Also, how in the heck do you even check your status on the website for this system. I can't even find a decision area.
  9. I got each of my LOR a box of 12 Godiva truffles . . . cause everyone likes chocolate. It's a good 20-30 dollar gift that is professional and fun.
  10. Any claimers or information on the George Mason admit that is up on the results board? My partner applied there and is very interested in any info.
  11. My partner was offered from Syracuse with funding Feb. 16th. Notified through a very nice e-mail, I didn't post it on the results on the off chance that she did.
  12. If you are in, I wouldn't be too worried about the current attack on unions (as you're already accepted and guaranteed funding) and the new lack of bargaining rights will affect teachers coming in more than the current batch (i doubt teachers will leave, although this is speculation). However, I think that the splitting of Madison from the UW system as a whole (and what they could mean for budgets, etc.) should definitely be on your radar: http://badgerherald....es_details_.php
  13. While not specifically lit, I think here is a good place for Cultural Studies inquiries. Any claimers on the George Mason acceptance?
  14. Dude, that sounds like my plan exactly. 9 schools because I couldn't afford the 13 on my original list. Thinking of a second MA in American or Cultural Studies. If you would say continue conferencing at more national conferences, we'd be dopplegangers.
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