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  1. That sounds great! I'm here in SA and I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheet number of panels and finding my way around, but hopefully we'll all feel better tomorrow!
  2. I got an offer by phone from Mark Morrisson last Wednesday afternoon. I had to turn it down since I'd just accepted another offer that morning, but it seems like they are still making offers! If you haven't been rejected, I would assume that it's very possible an offer will be forthcoming - obviously if you have another offer you shouldn't turn it down, but for those that don't...
  3. The final session (8:15 pm on Saturday) looks pretty light - only two panels. Unless anyone is really interested in those, maybe that would be a good time to meet up? Either that or after the last session on one of the earlier nights.
  4. That sounds really interesting, USTgrad! I'll be there too - I'm presenting on mise-en-scene in Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice, also at 9:45 am on Friday. Maybe we can organize a gradcafe get-together sometime when there's not too much going on?
  5. No Ramen necessary, friend I'm so, so happy that things worked out for you, and if it is in fact my spot that you've got, that makes me so glad that I made the choice that I did! I was feeling a bit shaky about declining Rochester because I loved the people there so much, but not anymore
  6. Haha thanks! I really hope you get in - I was told (speculatively, by a current student) that I was the only medievalist accepted, so they might be looking to medievalists first, BUT I don't know if that's how theirs works - would really like to see you get some good news!
  7. Thanks! I also just received an offer, by phone, from Penn State, which I declined, so any medievalists that are waitlisted there, keep an eye on your phones!
  8. I also just declined Rochester, and it broke my heart a little bit too - I really loved all the people I met there! I received the expected offer from Indiana overnight and have accepted it. (thanks nonymouse!)
  9. *bump* Are people still up for meeting at PCA/ACA? I was going to pm all of you, but there are quite a few of us! It's hard to narrow in on a time and place since there's so much going on, but hopefully we can all work something out - would be great to meet you guys in person (although I suspect that I met one of you last week).
  10. Wow! I'm very, very glad to hear that! (Not about the funding, of course - though might you have applied with just a BA? I understand that first-year funding of BA-only applicants has to come in the form of a very competitive fellowship, whereas I, since I have an MA and teaching experience, could go straight into teaching assistantship.) Thanks for sharing - I hope you're going somewhere fantastic!
  11. Hey nonymouse, would you mind sharing your subfield? (Your decline might be helping me out a lot!)
  12. Hey Tybalt, I'm down to Rochester and Indiana (where I'm on the waitlist), and there is a definite possibility that I will be declining Rochester - I'll post here immediately if I do! I'm a medievalist, so I don't know if that's helpful, but I thought it couldn't hurt to let you know. Good luck!
  13. I met Wrader at Minnesota's visiting weekend, and he seemed pretty sure that he was going to choose them over Maryland, if that helps at all. And that really sucks about the phone call. Sorry to hear that
  14. Hey Tybalt, As of right now, I am, but I'm also REALLY interested in Indiana, where I'm very high on the waitlist. I visited there last week, and just returned from Rochester like 20 minutes ago! The big visiting weekend was Sunday-today, but a couple of people came late and are staying till tomorrow, and one visited last week and one is coming next week. I know that at least a couple of the people there had quite a few other options and are going to be making last-minute decisions. I can tell you for sure that one Renaissance person has accepted, and while I'm pretty sure that I met an
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