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  1. Well, this winter is considered to be extra cold, during the coldest days so far (sub-zero) I was wearing with a t-shirt, thin sweater and a rather warm down jacket. I only stayed outside for no more than 15-20 minutes at a time, though. I live in a smallish 1br apartment with everything electric: stove, heating, water heater. My largest bill was ~$90.
  2. How can 10-15 minutes in a bus be a problem? It is not like you will need to ride a train for hours every day
  3. buxfer.com is nice it allows you to enter expenses which a split with your friends and then shows who owes whom and how many. it is free
  4. First of all, you won't be able to attend classes on H4 anyway, so forget about this idea. No, there is no way to speed up the process. You shouldn't have waited till end of July to go to the interview. I've heard that administrative processing usually takes no more than 3-4 weeks, so you might still get there before classes start. If I were you, I would contact the university and inform them about your situation, because it is very likely that you won't be in time for orientation sessions, class registration deadlines or whatever. They would tell you how to deal with these problems. And think about plane tickets as well.
  5. I've been reading this thread for a while and see your persistent advocating of having landline for emergency use. Being an international student, I have to ask whether such situation is a real possibility or you are just being overcautious. I mean, in my country I've never thought about having a backup phone line. Of course, cell network might be down once in a while (1-2 times a year?) but it's not like I need to call somebody every time the network is overloaded. Even if I need then there is Internet, public phone at the post office, neighbors etc. And I don't really think that there is a chance of a terrorist attack in the small town in Midwest
  6. Why do use assume that future_eng_grad meant something bad? He definitely has right to be glad about his university not having financial problems
  7. I meant Russian, not Ukrainian, but I see your point. That's funny, because, while I didn't know either of these words, my dictionary (English-Russian, not English-English) tries to convince me that they are synonyms.
  8. MaximKat

    100 % rejects

    Don't worry about GRE. I had similar scores (800/600/3.5) and was admitted to several top 20 CS programs. As long as your writing section of TOEFL is ok, low AW scores will not be a problem.
  9. Ok, one question that bugged me for months. Isn't verbal part extremely easy for native speakers? I mean, for my language, I can't really imagine words for which I can't at least guess their approximate meaning. I learned no more than a hundred of words from Kaplan and scored 600. How can a native possibly score less than that?
  10. Forgot to say: pictures, links or model names would be welcome
  11. Subject says it all. What kind of bag do you use to carry all your stuff? Backpack, messenger bag, sling bag, whatnot?
  12. Thinking of thousands of international applicants that go through this every year, I guess it is doable
  13. I could write a long explanation here but I'm too lazy If you read the forum, general consensus seems to be that your work is most important. I suppose you are talking about PhD, so you will be mostly working with your advisor. So, professor is more important than rankings. One caveat: if it doesn't work out for any reason, in a program, that is stronger overall, it might be easier to find another advisor.
  14. Don't you need at least some credit history for a contract?
  15. If you are a foreign student they will want to see good TOEFL
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