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  1. mochalatte


    Hi antipod, I will definitely go to Admit Day - I think it will be very helpful when comparing schools/programs. Let me know if you decide to go!
  2. mochalatte

    Penn GSE

    First, congratulations to everyone who got into the Higher Ed program at Penn!!! Yukihime & joe, are you going to Penn? Also, has anyone heard anything about decisions for the master's in Education Policy at Penn GSE? I submitted my app back in late December. Should I have heard by now? What do you suggest to do? Thanks!
  3. mochalatte


    Got a phone call on Monday - I got into the M.A. program for Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies!!!!!!! So surprised and happy! Got official email later on Monday. Packet coming in mail soon. Anyone going to Admit Day in April?
  4. Ed policy applicant here too! baileysamson, did you apply for a master's degree or MA/PhD at Berkeley? I heard they admit mainly PhD students and not too many terminal master's degree students...
  5. mochalatte


    Master's decisions from Stanford are starting to go out now!
  6. Hi all, post here when you make your final decision about where you're going for your master's or PhD program in Education for Fall 2009. Good luck to all!
  7. mochalatte

    Penn GSE

    edgrad2009, I am in the same boat as you, waiting to hear from Penn GSE! I check my email and mail daily, but nothing yet. Let us know when you hear! Does anyone else feel like this is the calm before the storm? People are expecting to hear masters decisions from Harvard, Stanford and Penn GSE within a week or two... I'm nervous!!
  8. Inspekt - congratulations! I believe Michigan is ranked #1 for Higher Ed, according to the US News & World Report rankings. Do you plan to go there? Who do you want to work with?
  9. A hearty congratulations to Inspekt!! That's great! A huge congrats to highered09 as well - we might be classmates! How exciting!! I actually went to UCLA for undergrad, and I went roaming around Westwood about two weeks ago because I was feeling nostalgic (I am sure yukihime knows what I mean!). UCLA is great, and if you go there I'm sure you'll love it. I am waiting to hear re: funding from Columbia, and whether or not I'm in at a few other schools too. Did you get assigned your faculty advisor for UCLA? My letter said that they've assigned me to Richard Wagoner. I'm thinking it would be worthwhile to go down to UCLA and meet him perhaps, since I didn't spend much time around the School of Education during undergrad... do you plan to do that also? Phoenix Rising - keep the faith! I am hoping you get in too! And yukihime, it's great to see another Bruin on the board. I really hope you get in - I completely understand the "missing UCLA" feeling!!
  10. Just heard today - got in to the M.A. program in Educational Administration and Policy! So excited, because I want to work with Valerie E. Lee. They are having an Admitted Students Day on March 14; is anyone going??
  11. Hello! Has anyone heard from University of Michigan yet? Anybody else apply there?
  12. mochalatte

    Columbia TC

    Hi amazingrace, I'm not sure. I was actually already admitted to TC for an M.A. in Soc and Education for Fall '09, but I indicated in my personal statement that I had experience with and wanted to work with inner city youth. Did you indicate that as well? They might be targeting students based on their interests...?
  13. mochalatte

    Penn GSE

    Congrats, magiclogic! That's great!! Do you think you'll go there, or at least consider it? I am waiting to hear re: master's in ed policy from Penn GSE.
  14. mochalatte

    Columbia TC

    Hey amazingrace, I just got an email about it! Are you going to apply?
  15. Hey guys! I just heard from UCLA today..... Admitted to the M.A. program in Higher Education and Organizational Change for Fall 2009!! Wooo hoo! FYI: It came in a small envelope via snail mail. The letter was dated February 13, 2009. I think that means everyone else will hear now soon - good luck to all! *fingers crossed for GradCafe folk*
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