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  1. I will attend UCLA in the fall. Deciding factors: faculty Research Interests, warm faculty, nice graduate students.
  2. I graduated from Emory (undergrad) in 2007. Both Walker and Giles are superstars. Moreover, they are wonderful people and very accessible to their students. The Poli Sci Department is very supportive of their students. Professors Klehr, Strahan, and Reingold are also wonderful.
  3. Exactly what taxes must we pay on our stipend???
  4. Does anyone have any strong opinions/perceptions about/of UCLA.
  5. juliesre


    My friend called today and they told him that they have not notified everyone yet. This is killing me. Ewurgler, did your overall status on the Penn application website change?
  6. juliesre


    WHO got into Penn?
  7. juliesre


    Anyone visiting UNC?
  8. juliesre


    Does anyone have inside info on when Penn will notify us? I realize they notified people last year on March 5th/6th?
  9. juliesre


    Does anyone know how much they have funded people historically? I saw from their website that they provided funding to all members of past cohorts. I am excited. First acceptance. Congrats to everyone else who received an acceptance.
  10. juliesre


    As did I, I am just concerned that if they this slow to post our materials, how fast will they be to post their decision. I am just dying... I think my cortisol levels are through the roof.
  11. juliesre


    Has anyone checked the status of their materials? They still have not posted mine as having been received?
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