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  1. So I'm on campus this summer. I brought my car from the East Coast and I think it was a very good decision to make. Basically, Stanford is liveable without a car, but the hassle is immense. You make up a lot of the gas money in savings on groceries for instance (look up the Milk Pail Market in Mtn View for a cheap place to get amazing produce). Otherwise you have to shop at JJ&F and Safeway (for the former, can you say $5 gallons of milk?). In terms of traveling around the Bay Area, you do not need a car to go to San Francisco or San Jose, even though it's much faster if you drive. You also don't need a car to get to and from either SFO or SJC. But if you want to travel anywhere else in the Bay Area (i.e. Berkeley), I think having a car is a necessity. It depends on how much you see yourself traveling at weekends I suppose. Of course, there is always the zipcar option for that, but do be careful when factoring in all the costs.
  2. I will be attending Stanford Factors: -- very good fit with faculty; -- great departments in fields connected to my interest (Stats, Linguistics, CompSci); -- very good funding (though when adjusted for cost of living stipend is not the best); -- LOCATION )))
  3. Hey -- so I'm coming to Stanford too
  4. I've also hyper-analyzed this. I always address someone completely unknown by their title + last name. If they reply and sign with their first name only, I will start addressing them by their first name. My reasoning is that I will only go as far as they are comfortable without being overly formal; at the same time (and this has not happened so far), should a professor get upset by my (otherwise invited) lack of formality, I would have serious doubts as to whether I could work with this person anyway. I guess I risk being "put in my place" by someone eventually, but this has not happened so far.
  5. For anyone who hasn't heard yet, the state of California is almost bankrupt: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/17/us/17 ... wanted=all Now, I'm an international student, and am completely dependent on institutional funding for my support. How safe would my fellowship be at a public institution like Berkeley? Could they ever renege on their offer? I mean, are these fellowships entirely connected to the California budget, or do they come from separate funds (i.e. endowments)?
  6. I am getting more and more enthusiastic about this seemingly amazing little department, which seems extremely up-and-coming. It feels like they would give me a lot of research opportunities which may be unavailable elsewhere, including a chance to work closely with two very reputed scholars in two fields I want to pursue in grad school (race & ethnicity, and social networks). I will be visiting next week, but was wondering if anyone else has any thoughts or (for those who are already grads) has faced a similar dilemma.
  7. Damn me and my cellphonelesness! Congrats to all those who got in, anyway.
  8. Sorry, but that does sound like some sort of game. Harvard interviewed all its short-listed applicants for Soci.
  9. Please do! I would really appreciate it!
  10. Woo, sounds fancy. Still can't completely wrap my mind around a Southern progressive enclave, but the Triangle seems amazing. I'm more interested in the social part of gay life -- I'm up in Mass. right now, and over here everyone is super gay-friendly, but I'm miserable because there aren't that many guys to date.
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