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  1. I've never been denied a reference letter. But, I've had to work very very hard to actually get the letter. My referees always say 'yes' when I ask them for a letter and then get hostile when I remind them that it is due. I've heard every excuse in the book. Here is a sample: 1. I can't get the link to work; 2. There is a glitch in the system, and; 3. I'm very busy and I apologize - when is it due again? (While this excuse may very well be the case my referee had 2.5 months to do the letter). I've been given the advice to keep on reminding them, but it's really a no-win situation because of th
  2. I agree with Mocha. Most master's thesis' can be expanded into a PhD. If you are looking to go abroad, you might try a UK university.
  3. Monz

    SSHRC 2011

    I applied for a postdoc at York, but I haven't heard anything yet from the SSHRC. I think the results are coming out mid-Feb, but I'm not sure if I've made that up in my head or if its actually what is going to happen. It's also my first time applying so I'm not too sure about what to expect in terms of how they decide on who gets the funding.
  4. Monz

    SSHRC 2011

    Has anyone applied for a postdoc?
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