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  1. Thank you for such a considered response and so many recommendations. I will certainly be researching all of the programs you've mentioned; Cooperstown was already a program I'd been looking into if I went in more of a museum studies route, and the rest look excellent. As for my standing with material culture, I am interested in "stuff" as material sources within their own right, but more than illustrating the written documents, I like the idea of the "stuff" supplementing the written documents, filling in our knowledge gaps for the people and the aspects of life that don't make it into the
  2. thank you, for a reply, and for a recommendation of the Winterthur Program. I am incredibly interested in material culture, so this is right up my alley. As far as "in the field" I meant specifically the world of museum work, not academia. I thought I'd made that clear from my previous post, but yeah, I'd love to join an archive or museum in a research/curatorial/etc position. I have two years of museum work under my belt, including grant writing, brainstorming exhibits and programming, writing copy for monthly calendar and newsletter, working with donors, etc. But I genuinely feel I'm lack
  3. Just to try and revive this, two programs I'm interested in are the ones at UC Riverside and Brown. Any takers? I'd really appreciate any and all thoughts you'd have on the subject.
  4. Hey guys, I realize there's an older question along these lines, and apparently an even older thread that covers the topic, but the link to that even older thread does not work. So at the risk of being redundant, I'd like to ask again: Does anyone out there have a particular recommendation towards public history programs, especially MA's? I've been looking into schools listed through the Public History Resource Center, but I'd love to get a better sense of how programs are regarded in the field. As for myself, I have a BA in History, spent the last two years working at a children's
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