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    Middle and Old English philology, magic, mysticism, intertextuality, historical milieu (1000-1400), manuscripts and paleography, Chaucer, Early Modern poetry
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  1. This is how the US Department of State scales it: http://careers.state.gov/gateway/lang_prof_def.html There's not a direct equivalency, but it gets across a sense of steps.
  2. Can't really answer the first question, but for your second: Find a list that posts calls for papers (CFP). Then, participate! Submit a prospectus. Write the paper whether you're accepted or not. And if you're accepted? Excellent! You know you're on track. Is there any way you could audit some classes in the interim? Or even take one? Keeping in the academic mindset is hard once you're out of school, and it's helpful to have the classroom structure (particularly if you can get in on a graduate course) to keep you going. Good luck!
  3. Yes! Elusive Professor tracked down, transcript fixed, letters secured. Now I can get on to ACTUALLY applying. :D

  4. (tentative) SUCCESS!! I managed to catch her before her class started, and asked if she had a few minutes after class. She suggested her office hours, and my heart sank -- but then it turned out they were today (man I dodged a bullet there). So I camped outside her office 30 minutes before they started, since I know she's a popular professor and would have a line, and met with her. She remembered me! Even though I haven't seen her in about four years. That was awesome. She also remembered my coursework, and my paper. She filed out the form right then and there (gave me an A- for t
  5. Last ditch effort to connect with Elusive Professor and pursue my dream of grad school... What? I'm not nervous at all! I'm always biting my nails and looking stressed out.

  6. Sitting outside Elusive Professor's next class, an hour early, hoping to ambush her. It's my last chance to get that F cleared off my transcript, and, if she's still willing to write a letter for me (like 2 years since the last time I connected with her) apply to more than one program. Yikes! Not like my whole future is riding on this one encounter or anything...
  7. I'm 4 years out of college, so it's not inertia driving me. I genuinely miss the academic setting, and contributions that feel -- to me -- far more meaningful than the marketing work I do for a video game company. Don't get me wrong, it's kind of neat to be part of pop culture, but it's so hollow sometimes. Even if I don't end up in academia, I will probably still end up in a menial wage job. "Meaning" holds a much greater place in my heart than comfortable living. I lean toward writing and art (I actually ended up in Marketing purely by accident; I started in Editorial at a publishing c
  8. I still have some attempts left for my individual situation -- going to drop in on Elusive Professor's class next Friday; can snail mail stuff to her to at least get her attention -- but it's running thin, and obviously time is running out. The department chair is no help, unfortunately. This all seems to boil down to "my department is in the top 5 so no one has time for this insignificant stuff," especially since I'm no one's star pupil. I could have one of my letter writers explain the F, but it would be FAR less than ideal and likely still represent a waste of money in app fees for two
  9. Some of you may have seen my intermittent drama with trying to track down a faculty member and correct a grading issue on my transcript (it was an I which lapsed to an F -- but it shouldn't have, and it just takes paperwork to correct). Whether I get this issue resolved or not, the sheer amount of stress this situation has been causing me has brought me to consider Plans B, C, D, and et cetera. How do you start all over? If you have to abandon your previous degree -- for GPA, for field, for lack of courses in the subject you want to pursue, because you can't get letters of recommendati
  10. The department chair is one of my letter writers, and even she doesn't know of a better way to get in contact with the professor. I swear this woman is a wizard; she has a tenure-track position, is VERY talented, all her students love her, but she is incredibly hard to track down outside of class (which she also very occasionally doesn't teach, for various reasons, without warning) and it's hard to find her publications. When I last managed to be in contact with her, she was extremely supportive and said she'd be more than happy to write about it in her letter. I'm grateful for that,
  11. I have mentioned this in the past, but it's come up again. One of the reasons I took such a long break from academia was because of a standing grade issue. In the semester a year before I graduated, I needed to take 2 classes as Incompletes due to some real-life complications. I successfully cleared both of them with the professors -- but only one of them actually submitted the paperwork. So since summer 2009 -- the year I graduated -- I have been attempting to resolve this Incomplete-Lapsed-to-F in my major in my final year of coursework. Obviously I cannot complete an application without
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