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  1. I did fairly well in undergrad as a sociology major. My GPA was >3.9 and my Sociology GPA was >4.0. In an effort to gain practical skills that would help me both in the workforce and potentially if I went on to do a sociology PhD, I decided to get a masters in Computer Science. Unfortunately the material is extremely difficult for me and my GPA is <3.0. Is this something that would greatly affect my chances of getting in a sociology PhD program or would it largely be overlooked since the material itself is unrelated (although I would like to use some computational methods if I do go the PhD route)?
  2. I need three LOR's for most of the schools I'm applying to. My favorite program asks for at least 2 recommendations from "college instructors." Now, I've already asked one of my professors as well as a former employer. The third person I'd like to ask is a research scientist at my school who is supervising my in an independent study. I believe, he also teaches a course, but I've never had a "true" course with him. Is he an appropriate choice or should I ask another professor?
  3. Hi, I'm coming from a sociology background, but have really taken a liking to economics: specifically development economics. So far I've completed intro macro as well as micro up to the intermediate level. I've found a couple development economics programs and they sound really cool. The two programs I know of are at Yale and Cornell. The Yale program states the applicants should have economics training equivalent to a major in Econ. That's probably impossible for me at this point in my college career. I really feel like I'm talented at Econ, but I'm already a senior and switching majors is impossible at this point. Am I out of luck?
  4. Hi, I'm a college senior who was diagnosed with a learning disability 2 years ago. I receive extra time on tests at my school, but apparently more testing is required to receive extra time on the GRE's. How fast do you have to be on the GRE's. I was fine on the SAT's, but the ACT's tore me to pieces because they just went too fast. I want to get the testing but it seems so expensive. It's $200 for a one hour pre-testing consultation alone which just seems exorbitant.
  5. That link in great! thanks! I sent my professor my question along with my statement of purpose and he essentially said I need to articulate a researchable question based on the information I've collected be a lot more specific about the questions I'll be addressing. On friday I need to submit my proposal for department review. The 4 things I need to include are 1) your research problem 2) a brief survey of the relevant literature. 3) a description of the methodology, data collection, experimental methods etc. 4) the expected significance of the research For the statement of my research problem, should Igive a general question like a revised version of the one I have and then write a paragraph that goes into more specific questions? If I'm understand your link correctly, thats what it advises to do for qualitative research.
  6. Thanks for your help! It was interviews.
  7. How about: 'What is the effect the commodification of (harvested product omitted) on attitudes toward economic practices in (village name omitted)?' That's probably still too big. I'm not sure I know how to narrow my question down properly.
  8. Hi! It's based on research I collected while completing a study abroad project, so the data is already there. I collected data on whether people harvested or not, their income from harvesting, there other economic activities, how they feel harvesting has changed their community, as well as a few other things. Do you have any suggestions on what would be a more appropriate topic based on the types of questions I was asking?
  9. Hi, I'm a sociology undergrad student who is considering writing an honors thesis. If I'm going to write it, my professor wants to know my research question by tomorrow. Last spring I researched the commodification of a traditional medicine product in a small village in asia. Would: 'What is the effect the commodification of (harvested product omitted) on economic restructuring in (village name omitted)?' be an appropriate research question. Does it have to be more specific than that? I'm not very experienced with research.
  10. Thanks for the great advice everyone! Would anyone happen to know what schools are considered to be the strongest in general himalayan studies? I know UVA and Columbia have good connections, but does anyone know any others?
  11. I do not speak Dzongkha yet, but I have acquired a basic text designed for building verbal skills. It's meant to be used in conjunction with a tutor, so I'm not sure how much use it'll be to me. It is however the closest I've gotten to finding a way to learn Dzongkha in the US. As far as Tibetan, there is actually a monastery near me that offers a once weekly course in colloquial Tibetan. I've shied away so far because I can't imagine it's very comprehensive. With regards to your second question, my interest is very much on the modern state. I almost wonder if Anthropology might be a better field for me than South Asian Studies. I know plenty of anthropologists that have done fieldwork in academically uncharted waters. I wouldn't want to lose sight of the economic and political aspects of Bhutan though (Anthropology tends to be frustratingly qualitative for my taste).
  12. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I'm curious as to why you think professors of SEA would be able to offer something that professors of south east asia can't. I actually work for a Southeast Asian department right now and am very interested in the area. However, I've always thought that focusing on Bhutan necessitated studying South Asia.
  13. I searched everywhere, but I can't find a single professor in the US that focuses on Bhutan. i want to get a graduate degree in South Asian Studies, but I want my focus to be on Bhutan. Is this impossible? Does anyone know of any universities that have someone who specializes on Bhutan?
  14. Hi, I'm about to transfer to a new school as a junior undergrad. I've always wanted to take linguistics, but have never had the chance to because my old school didn't offer it. Fortunately my new school does!! If linguistics captures me the way I think it might, how many courses in it would I need to take in order to prepare myself for a masters program. Btw, My major is a BS in rural sociology Sociology from an Ag school...
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